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Some News/Personal Takes

I found an older book by one of the Natura family from a long time ago. I've scanned it but haven't uploaded photos of it here because I wanted to include it in the box. There's a photo that seems linked to it, too, that I found by searching for the book. I hope someone found the box and is able to share that information but if I don't hear anything in the next couple of weeks, I'll assume I need to set out another one.

It also had a wanted poster. They're all around Alium anymore so I can find another if I need to.

In the meantime, I am concerned because I left a set of Ratenzos for whoever found the box hoping it would be someone I could trust. Probably not my smartest move, but I was frantic and desperate so hopefully they haven't ended up in the wrong hands. I wrote a letter, too, but maybe I'm too hopeful for someone to have actually read it.

I'll try to get another box together and hide it in a different location if no information about this one turns up at any time. Until then, I'll wait.

In Alium, there seems to have been a lot of things going down. I've been able to be more open online because it seems all the authorities are focused on catching this person who supposedly created an elemental. Honestly, it should probably scare me a lot more than it does that someone created the, as Rodrick Natura calls it, Superioz. Whether or not it's true, the rumors are, well, hopefuly just rumors.

I hope to keep updating this page. In the meantime, I'm hoping I hear something soon about the box or else I'll have to set out some extra information somewhere else.

Something made an apearance today that may be of concern. Someone painted "A child to conclude 7" along with what looks like a bug sitting and thinking on the walls. Normally, I'd think it was just graffiti but this seemed different.

I'm considering the box lost. I'm going to hide some new stuff this weekend, but, regrettably, I cannot include any Ratenzos this time. I'm afraid they might fall into the wrong hands.

I have placed a letter in the Tumblr boy's mailbox, addressed to him. I've spoken to him and he was surprisingly liberal with his information, so hopefuly he keeps from telling his secrets so openly next time. I've given him the location of the next collection of letters I have left, though, with instructions to post it. If he does, it's up to you all to go and find it.

I found a new collection of Melior's poems. I may add a few later today.

Here's an upload of the front page of Alium Weekly today. It looks like the Torneamentum was officially cancelled. I knew that graffiti couldn't be good...

Even Alium Premier Arena has been shut down for now, which sucks. They aren't even doing tours.

The APA is open again! I went on a tour yesterday and the guide said they may be re-opening the Torneamentum. There are rumors that the elemental was just an elaborate hoax. I'll try to share some of the specific information later, but that's what they're saying right now.

If it is all a hoax, then I feel safe posting this so I will, but I'm leaving it off of the main index page for now. It's closely associated with a specific image of an alchemist I have in the photos section, but I'll find it and post it here when I add the work to the main page.

They're talking about rescheduling the Torneamentum, but only if no reports of the elemental or anything come in over the next week. There hasn't been any more graffiti on any mainstream buildings (maybe in back alleys or something, I don't know) so they're thinking it was all just a joke. I guess we'll see.

The Torneamentum has been rescheduled!! Woohoo! I'm going to get to compete this year, too! July 20th, here I come!

I did recieve a concerning series of emails concerning Robin. I'm refraining from turning in any information right now, just to be safe in case she's just talking about random things, but I'm not sure. I may have to turn her in to keep people from being hurt.

I added a new book from Rabbi Judah Loew but I couldn't translate it because I don't really understand Hebrew. I do know the work is also called "Aetherius" but I don't know if that's an accurate translation or not.

I have heard nothing to calm my mind about Robin, but also nothing to make me more afraid. Yet. I'm still waiting.

I'm reporting Robin to the necessary authroities. Someone gave me some incriminating evidence and, if I can, I'm going to show it to an official. If I can help prevent her from hurting Alium, then I must. I can't believe it's come to this. It's my fault she learned about alchemy in the first place. This is my fault and if anyone gets hurt, it's because of me.

Final update for about three weeks: I reported Robin's activity yesterday. I was told everything was just a hoax and there was nothing to worry about but that makes me more worried. If they don't know, they can't prepare and the Torneamentum could be dangerous. I'll be going for the next three weeks just to check everything out and make sure it's all safe. Thank you all for your help.

There will be a series of public portals all over the world so people can visit Alium for the Torneamentum. I'll look to create a list of places in the next few days and add that to the main page. In the meantime, it's just time to start counting down the days!

In preparation for the Torneamentum, I'll be compiling a list of some of the best decks from previous years and their owners' info. If there's a place to buy replicas (even just for fun) I might list those, too. You can see it all here.

Here is a list of active public portals starting this Saturday.