AlchemicalTexts -

This is a collection of alchemical texts I have retyped and uploaded here. Just click a link below to start reading! Check back for updates!


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Books For Former Non-Practitioners

The Green Lion and What Colour It Is by Georgius Aurach de Argentina: Here

Experiments Touching Sulfur and Mercury by Francis Bacon: Here

The Walls Do Not Fall [9] by Hilda Doolittle: Here

Mineral Alchemy - The Fire Energy by Jean Dubuis: Here

To Visit Alium by Robert Erikson: Here

Hieroglyphics by Nicolas Flamel: Here

Testament of Flamel by Nicolas Flamel: Here

Crow by Ted Hughes: Here

Harnessing Tangible Darkness by Ezra Iddlemin: Here

Harnessing Tangible Light by Ezra Iddlemin: Here

Aetherius by Rabbi Judah Loew: Here

Sir Luke Melior's Proverbs by Luke Melior: Here

Terra and Alter Terrae by Luke Melior: Here

A Collection of Alchemical Photos by [Me]: Here

A Timeline of Alchemists On This Site by [Me]: Here

The Explanation of Material Changes Given by the Greek Thinkers by M. M. Pattinson Muir: Here

Writings on the Elemental by Roderick Natura: Here


Explicandem est Creaturae (or Explantion of the Creatures) by Thoma Rattius: Here

Alchemy - The Alchemists by C. J. S. Thompson: Here

The Philosopher's Stone by C. J. S. Thompson: Here

The Symbols of the Alchemists by C. J. S. Thompson: Here

On Virtue by Zosima: Here

Other Things

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